A Milan Apartment - Via Cimabue 2

The Outside

The apartment has gone through a lot of modification since first appearing on this website. Therefore I thought it only appropriate that I put new pictures of the apartment up so that everyone can get an idea of what the place is like.

The building hasn't changed since the last time.

As you can see, we have labelled our citofono (call button), so now you know which button to push. However, if we didn't tell you where our apartment is, you'll never find it, as the name on the doorbell oustide the apartment hasn't changed.

The Day Zone

The kitchen is so much better that it's hard to believe. No more mustard yellow cupboards, though unfortunately we still have the table. The kitchen cabinets are all shiny white, and the kitchen is much brighter and more open since we also had part of a wall removed to make an island.

Stefano closed in the storage place above the hall, and then when the work for the kitchen was done they put in this nice arch as well. In addition we got this lovely wall unit.

This is our new wall unit which houses the tv, a stereo and our fancy dishes and glasses, as well as pictures and our numerous cookbooks. And our lovely mustard yellow table. We recently changed the way the living room is set up.

The couch is now in front of the radiator which will work during the summer, but for the winter we will need to find another solution. Now we can watch the tv straight on though, so it's nice.

This is the spectacular view we have from our balcony!

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