A Milan Apartment - Via Cimabue 2

When I was working in Milan, in 2002 I was renting an apartment, see below:

Here is the building, otherwise known as via Cimabue 2.

The apartment is located on the ground floor, which means no elevators for me. This allows me to pretend that I don't really live in an apartment, I mean, there are stairs, but no taking of an elevator for me. This also means no stairs in the case of an evacuation. I imagine it will be quite a change for me, when I move into my condo in Toronto, on the 17th floor!

Here is the most strangely shaped kitchen I have ever seen, with lovely mustard yellow cabinets and turquoise tiles. A delightful combination, though to who I'm not quite sure. As you can see they even went so far as to paint the wall turquoise up to the height where the tiles end.

Stefano made the living room larger by taking down a wall. It looks much bigger now.

The bathroom is long and skinny, with a shower stall and a bath tub. It has nice blue tiling, though it's a bit hard to see in the photo.

The spare bedroom has a lot of furniture in it, this makes it seem much smaller.

I think the master bedroom is the biggest room in the apartment. It's nice and blue.

Stefano had a fake ceiling put in, to provide us with more storage space. Stefano is trying to hide in the hall. You can also see where the wall was torn down.

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