A Condo in Toronto

Well, after signing the contract to buy a condo on August 9th, 1999, it is finally ready. I took possession on July 16th, 2002. And it's actually going to be closing on September 18th, 2002, according to certain bank assistants, this still needs to be verified. Anyway, I flew home from Milan in order to pick up the keys and take a look at my future home. I say future, because I have no idea when I will actually take up permanent residence in my new condo. For now it is my expensive vacation home.

The building is quite tall, and nicely constructed.

Here's the floor plan so you can make a bit more sense out of the pictures.

The entire condo is painted white with "churned honey" carpeting in the master bedroom, "atlantic blue" carpeting in the spare bedroom, marble in the master bathroom, ceramic tile in the kitchen, main bathroom and entrance closet, and hardwood floors in the living/dining room.

This picture is taken from the entrance hall.

The main bathroom has a shower stall and is painted white with blue tiles in the shower stall. This picture was obviously taken from the door.

View of the kitchen from the middle of the living room. Note the nice island, with two stools it will make a perfect kitchen table.

Here I am relaxing on the hardwood floor.

The spare bedroom has a nice blue carpet. Here's a picture of the window, taken from the door.

And a picture of the door taken from the window.

The master bedroom taken from the door.

The master bedroom taken from the window.

The master bathroom, note the deep soaking tub!

The view from my balcony.

The beautiful entrance fountain as seen from my balcony on the 17th floor. Next time I'll take a front view of it.

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