A working weekend in France - 22Jun2002-23Jun2002

On a hot weekend in June, Stefano and I headed to France, Monistrol Sur Loire to be more precise. Our mission was to pick up an ultralight trike, on which will be mounted MetalWork's Engine. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the trike. Here are some of the other things we saw on the trip.

Unfortunately they didn't have time to take us flying, though they did take us to see their air field.

The French have put up a bunch of these signs on the road. I guess this is the only way they can get them to slow down by showing them that someone died there.

We finished our business on Saturday, leaving Sunday for us. On Sunday we did a bit of sightseeing before heading back on the road for the 6 hour trip home. We stopped at Le Puy on the way back.

Some of the countryside we saw on our way to Le Puy.

They have a large fountain in Le Puy, seen here with Stefano on the right.

In this area the French have built cathedrals and monuments on the top of tall hills. Here is the cathedral, and even farther up the hill is a statue of the Madonna and child.

Here's a closeup of the Madonna and child.

On the way home we went by this bridge. I don't think anyone has used it in a long time.

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