Terri GT 2

On Friday, September 7th, 2001 my friends Jeff, Liz, Beth, Mike and Scott, with guest appearances by Stefano, were kind enough to participate in the second official Terri GT. The day after, I left for Milan, Italy. Fun was had by all as we dined on sushi at Sushi on Bloor. They didn't want to give us very much space to eat, but Liz managed to force them to give us free salted peas, tea and ice cream. After we were finished there, we went back to Mike's to hang out on his roof.

Some of my friends - Scott, Beth, Kyla, Mike and Jeff. Liz and Stefano were not present at this time.

Baby Owen seen through the skylight.

After the fun was had, Stefano and I gave Jeff and Liz a lift.

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