Kitchen Creations

For Christmas Nannie gave me a Northern Italian cookbook. Since I am currently residing in Northern Italy, and dating a Northern Italian, it was very appropriate. Since Christmas Stefano and I have tried some of the recipes, and much to our delight they have turned out very well.

Our first culinary endeavour was a zucchini frittata. Doesn't it look good? (March 16th,2002)

The frittata was so good that the next day we decided to try to make meat sauce. It was very tasty! We've actually made meat sauce about 3 times now, for my various family members.

After the meat sauce came the lasagna, which contains a large quantity of meat sauce, as well as beschamel sauce. Strangely enough only Stefano's family members have eaten our lasagna. While mine have eaten the meat sauce. It took us a month to work up the courage to make lasagna, or rather to find the time. Unfortunately we haven't been able to find the time since April 16th.

On August 11th, we decided to get out the cookbook and do some cooking! It was pouring outside, what better weather to stay inside and make tasty things to eat? We decide to make pumpkin risotto. Here's Stefano preparing the pumpkin.

Here I am trying the risotto.

The finished product, very tasty. The recipe was for four servings, so there was lots left over.

We didn't stop at risotto that day though. We left our cookbook and decided to take a recipe out of a magazine, unfortunately it didn't turn out as well as our previous endeavours, it was still tasty. It's some sort of spianata with cheese.

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