The next weekend the cooking continued!! We made pizza, pesto, and gnocchi. I also made pancakes, not pictured here.

Jeff and Liz suggested we try making our own pizza using dough from the grocery store. This is about the third time we've tried it. It's very tasty! This was the first time we got to use our pizza plates, they work very well.

Pesto is easy to make and has relatively few ingredients: Basil, oil, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan cheese and pecorino Romano, and of course LOVE.

We almost weren't able to finish the pesto, our chopper was almost too small to fit everything in. It worked out in the end though, and was nice and garlicky. I'd suggest using a food processor, then you can make more!

The finished product, delicious pesto.

The next day we combined our pesto with pasta and green beans for a delicious dish.

On Sunday we decided to make gnocchi. We probably should have read the entire recipe before starting. The amount we made was for 8 servings! There are only two of us. Next time we'll either have to invite people over, or maybe scale the recipe down a bit. The gnocchi was tasty and we could taste the potatoes!

Making gnocchi involves putting the potatoes through a food mill. This ensures there are no lumps, and is a lot less demanding than mashing them. Here's Stefano and lots of potatoes!

Here I am rolling out the dough to make the gnocchi. As you can see, there is LOTS of dough! Each ball makes about 18 pieces of gnocchi.

Here's Stefano cooking the gnocchi. Wait until the gnocchi rises to the top, and after 10-12 seconds it's ready!

The finished dish, gnocchi with tomato basilico* sauce.(* basilico = basil I like the sound of basilico much better though.)

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