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Who doesn't like chocolate? When the opportunity arose to go to Perugia to experience EuroChocolate, I couldn't pass it up. It makes no difference that I was the one who begged Stefano to take me. Heck, I love chocolate, so a festival devoted to chocolate seemed like a great way to spend a weekend. Even if it involved a pretty long car drive. In the end it turned out that EuroChocolate is really about the chocolate, and unfortunately mostly the selling of chocolate. There were tons of different kinds of chocolates to buy. And buy we did. I was on a mission from the guys at work to bring back different kinds of chocolate which was then divided equally among us all. Believe you me, it was tasty!

This is the logo for EuroChocolate.

I'm a sucker for a good courtyard, especially if it's got a well!

The streets were packed with people and booths with chocolate for sale.

I think I'd like to go back to Perugia when it's not full of people, it seems like a pretty town. Here's a view of it from the old city centre.

Droste pastilles are awesome. I've been eating them since I worked in Amsterdam in 1995. I was a bit disappointed by Droste's windmill. I thought it was supposed to be made out of chocolate, so when we got there and it wasn't, I was sad. Fortunately there were some nice people there who gave me some chocolate, which made me feel considerably better.

No kidding, this car is made out of chocolate!!! I think it says on the sign that there was 1800kg of chocolate used in the construction of the car. That's a lot of chocolate!

Chocolate Hair!!! This is no joke. They were really putting a bunch of chocolate in her hair. If you ask me, chocolate is for eating, not putting in your hair. But what do I know?

This guy was making torrone, which is a great sweet made of almonds, egg whites and honey. It's not chocolate, and has it's own exhibition called Sweet Torrone, which is held in Cremona.

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