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by Milky

There are two ways to get rich. The one you don't hear about is eating lots of bacon. The reason you haven't heard about it is simple: no-one's ever eaten enough. But it's pretty obvious. Ever heard the expression "bacon money"? Even if you answered no - doesn't it SOUND right? You know it does. I mean, what is bacon but thin strips of pig meat? It's certainly not going to make you poor!

Think about it: rich people eat bacon. Eaten bacon = wealth. You don't even have to cook it. Alexander Graham Bell didn't invent the telephone on an empty stomach = EAT BACON! Eat it! Sure, you could put bacon in your wallet, OR you could eat bacon and line your wallet with CA$H! Not just regular ca$h = BACON CA$H! Twice as valuable, and it'll make you rich if you eat it! Go out and eat bacon, come back rich! Three bacon bits = 5 billion dollars when eaten! Eat it? CONSUME DAS BAKON... I'll sing it!!!! Eat Baconne... $... Eat Baconne... $...

                      B  A    K_        O                N