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Here are links to a bunch of stories, some of which have appeared in YIP Magazine and some of which have not. The more recent additions are at the top.

The Victory Bee - Sometimes it takes a bee to lead the way. By Milky and Persephone.
Herman - The tale of a spider who finds contentment by Persephone.
Sweet Pedro - Morality and tradition confront globalization. By Asphalt Bastard.
Friendly Bridges - What happens when we refuse to take our role in society? By Milky.
The Ultimate Equation of Joy - Sometimes, math reminds us to love. By Milky.
Speaking of Stairs - Stairs lift us up, and lower us down, like love. By Milky.
The Spy - In a way, we are all spies, in the pentagon of love. By Milky.
Klenin, Vic and Dog - The oldest love triangle in the book. By Asphalt Bastard.
The Devil and Samuel T. Johnson - Love is hell, when hell is love. By Albino Finch.
The Plain and the Pie - You can't win the game of love alone. By Milky.
The Mom - Mothers are all about love. By Milky, STiK and Corn Syrup.
Babble Mission - The love of Abe Lincoln is the only real love. By Plasic Brain Carrier.
One Wise Nurse - You can't fool all of the nurses all the time. By Milky.
Marnie - Corn Syrup's sister: exposed! By Corn Syrup.
Hot Garden of Love - An extremely hottt Harlequin Romance by Milky.
The Nice Dad - A father's quest to help his children be their best by Milky.
Aunt Visit - This guy's aunt comes and visits him. By Milky.
Maria: The Little Mexican Girl - Rags to riches to deathmasks. By Persephone.
The Big Game - A story of baseball, teamwork and friendship by STiK.
Diary of a Man Who Solders His Penis to a Wall - By Plastic Brain Carrier.
Gold Key - A fantasy role playing adventure by STiK, Xeno and Milky.
Orientation - This guy goes for a job orientation course. By Albino Finch.
Lettuce - This guy orders a sub with a lot of lettuce. By Corn Syrup.
The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand - A play by Albino Finch.
The Tales of Blood - Blood-curdling tales of horror by Milky and Albino Finch.
Hidden Desires - An erotic epic about one man's greatest desire, by Dib.
Kurt and the Dig - Digging: Man's Battle With Earth. By Asphalt Bastard..
Shampoo - The tale of a shower gone horribly wrong by Milky.
Why Black Ninjas Don't Eat Oranges - A ninja fable by Corn Syrup.
Death By Oddity - A man, a woman, and their knife. By Golden Rodent.
Sea Monkey Love - The story of a boy and his cheap sea whore by Milky.
The Census Scandal - Sometimes good censuses go bad. By Milky.