Fun Depot





Here's a big list of other stuff, some of which is from YIP Magazine and some of which was just floating around aimlessly. The more recent examples of other stuff are at the top.

YIP Online Store - Stuff you can buy that says YIP on it.
All in a Day's Tech Support - More of those hilarious tech support stories.
How to Seduce People Online - A simple guide to getting sex in chatrooms.
Programming Fun Page - Improve your programming skills while having fun!
Information Measurement Humour - Humourists in the post-byte world have it tough.
ENIAC - The true story of the world's first computer by Milky.
Some Erotic Computer Puns You Can Use - Fun yet intensely sexual puns.
DOS For Complete and Utter Morons, Like You, Fuckhead - New from Abusebooks.
Meat Gifts - What to get the person who has every kind of meat.
Potato Questions, Potato Answers - Questions and answers about modern tubers.
Doing Good Manners And Stuff - Questions and answers about modern etiquette.
Are Your Neighbours Satanists? - A handy quiz to help you spot-the-demon.
Telejoke - Fun jokes you can play on the telephone by Milky and Corn Syrup.
Talk of the Teens - A guide to deciphering the speech of youth.
War Is Fun - An essay in defense of war making by Bastard Francais.
Time to Feed The Pigs - A pork industry photo expose by Milky.
Phallic Sports - A look at sexual innuendo in professional sports by Milky.
Frugal O'Cheaply's - An advertisement for a clothing sale by Milky and Persephone.
Amazing Space Facts - Yes, even in space there are facts. By Milky and Albino Finch.
My Turn - A photo expose on interspecies co-operation by Milky.
Icons: A Critical Review - A hard look at our world's popular icons by Milky.
Kids Say the Darnest Things - Concrete proof that children are stupid by Milky.
Poetry Collection - Some of the most hardcore verse this side of the Mississip.
Controversy at YIP - This goes way beyond the zine being banned.
Satan on Satan - A candid interview with the Lord of All Things Not Good.
I'm Full - A photo expose on third-world construction by Milky.
Madame Sexy's Sex Toys - Some gadgets guaranteed to improve your love life.
15 Awesome Sex Tips - The most popular page on the YIP server!
Initiation Rites of the Botso - An anthropological study by Milky.
Getting Dogs to Notice You - How teenage girls can win the affection of dogs by Milky.
Fun With Tone Deaf People - Yes, the handicapped can be fun.
Waxed Paper Vs. You In the Quest For Women - It's just you against the paper.
Bacon! - A basic explanation of how to get rich really fast by Milky.
Why BEER Is Better Than Women - Continuing the tradition of the popular t-shirt.
Art of Demanding Proof - How to win every argument by Milky and Plastic Brain Carrier.
Sleeping Bag Users' Guide - Read this before you attempt to sleep in a bad.
How to Dry Your Hair Without Putting a Lot of Effort Into It - A guide by Corn Syrup.
Some Raunchy Computer Jokes - Some really raunchy stuff from Thanatos Jones.
How to Stop Your Crying Baby - A practical guide to parenting by Milky.
Amazing Facts - Be amazed by some stuff Milky and Albino Finch made up.
Signs That Your Child is On Drugs - Help with getting your child convicted.
Hard Math Questions - A very challenging math quiz by Milky and Albino Finch.
The Evil Eye - An epic poem of much horror and blood by Totenbuch.
Fun Tricks - Everyone (even Allah) loves a good practical joke.