Fun Depot





Asteroids! - The gripping online version of the thrilling space shoot-em-up. Converted to HTML from the DOS Batch original by Totenbuch Christ.

Coke® Homepage - In a burst of generosity, YIP donated some server space to the Coca-Cola® Corporation.

Cloney Time - An expose on unoriginal donut stores.

Corn Crazy. - The homepage of Corn Crazy magazine, from some of the same good people who bring you YIP.

Fraudutek Industries - A brave new vision of the world of the future.

Olympics Online - Play a virtual cyberathlete in this realistic online simulation.

Smarasderagd's Page - Contains an extensive library of YIP and YIP-like textfiles, including lots of really bad ones.

What's Inside Jeremy's Wallet? - Without exaggeration, Jeremy (a.k.a. Xenomorph) probably has the most looked-through wallet in the world.

YIP Server Contents - Other pages hosted on, several of which are very nice and several of which are not, and some info about the YIP server in case you need to hack it.

If you want to write to someone, you can write to Milky.