Fun Depot





Here are a bunch of comics that have appeared in YIP Magazine. Some of them feature an exciting new invention called colour. The recent additions are at the top of the list.

#sloppysex - Romances end, but memories linger. By Milky.
Pepe, The Mexican Dog - Tales of a mischevious dog by Milky.
Butter - It begins with butter, and so does it end. By Plastic Brain Carrier.
Wallet Quest - Sometimes the greatest stories have sad endings. By Milky.
Only a Lollipop - The plight of urban man examined by Livewire.
How to Get a Career - A quick guide to career success by Milky.
Baking Apple Pies - If you like apple pies but don't know how, you'll love this guide by Corn Syrup.
YIP Humour Section - Some favourite items from YIP's popular humour section.
End of Magazine Comic - A tragicomic love story by Plastic Brain Carrier.
The Cat Who Just Kept Starin' - This cat who just keeps starin', by Milky.
The Adventures of a Brick - A frighteningly true story by Albino Finch.
Oh, Whatever - Quality continental mirth by Albino Finch.
Jesus Christ Corp. - Products available from the JCC by Xeno.
Brought By To You By Force - Satirical tour-de-force by Plastic Brain Carrier.
Oh! Those Wacky Holes! - A comic that is funny because it's true by Xeno.
I'd Like To Ruffle Your Flege... Open - Confessional comic from Plastic Brain Carrier.