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The Big Game
by STiK

We were deep in space... Y'know, that's a fine way to begin, if it's one of those science fiction stories you're telling. But I want to tell you a little story about baseball, teamwork, and friendship. So you can imagine how suprised we were at being deep in space.

I should introduce us, before I go on. There was me of course, and my two best friends, Fast Guy and Rabbit Face. Those aren't their real names, but whenever the three of us are together we call each other by our nicknames. Mine is Fishbum, because whenever I fell asleep at parties, people glued fish to my bum. Fast Guy got his name because he can move his thumb really fast, and Rabbit Face got his because one day he wore a shirt with a happy face on it.

Anyways, we were in space, and caught pretty well offguard. I remember asking Fast Guy if he could breathe, and he said something like 'No'. I couldn't either, so I think we died. I forget what Rabbit Face did.