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AMAZING Space Facts
by Albino Finch and Milky

  • It would take more than 118 jars of peanuts to fill space.
  • If space was a bean, that bean could support the earth's energy needs for over 1000 years.
  • If someone got space for Christmas, it would take them all day to unwrap it.
  • Space is so big, when it sits around the house, it sits around the house.
  • There is more space in space than virtually anywhere else.
  • If space was a hard drive, it could hold a lot of warez.
  • If space was a goldfish, you'd need to feed it a lot of fish food.
  • If space was full of cobras, there would certainly be a lot of cobras.
  • If space was a sugarcube, it would be one big sugarcube.
  • Space is big. Really big.