Fun Depot





Fun Tricks

  1. Tell someone to close their eyes then take them to Holland and put a sign on their back that says "I hate Holland" in Hollish, and leave.
  2. Tell someone you aren't going to kill them but really do
  3. Put wolverines in your parents' bed and tell them to keep quiet until they get in and then rip them apart
  4. Write a note to your teacher in arabic so they have to translate every word, and make it something they don't even care about
  5. Tell someone to turn around and look at something then quickly cut open their head and remove their brain, then seal it. they will be so suprised.
  6. Walk up to a complete stranger and say 'hello again!' when they say hello, say 'why are you talking to me you freak?' and call the police.
  7. Instead of putting your parents' bed outside, just put your parents outside in the middle of an empty field and smear blood all over them so that when they wake up they think they've been massacred. Tell them it's fake and they'll be really happy (perfect time to ask for your allowance).
  8. Go up to your French teacher and tell her that French has ended. tell her to teach you English instead..and since you know it, it'll be easy.
  9. Drive off a cliff. say 'steep hill' to your passengers.
  10. Phone somebody and ask "How much?" until they go crazy or call the police.
  11. When somebody phones you pretend you're an answering machine, when they leave their message say "Wrong!" and hang up.
  12. Bring a fake fetus behind the window in the hospital where everyone looks at their babies and kick it around.
  13. Bring a dog to an orgy.
  14. "Petting zoo? I thought it said killing and corpse raping zoo..."