Fun Depot





by Corn Syrup

I walked into the resturant. 'The Sub' was the name it went by. I was on my lunch break, and was in a hurry to get back to work. "I'll have an Assorted Please." The lady behind the counter began to pull out two foot-long halves of bread. "What do I look like, Russia?" She promptly put the loaves back where she got them, and grabbed the smaller size.

"What would you like on it?" she asked. She had a foreign accent.
"Lettuce, lots of lettuce," I curled my tounge each time I said lettuce, I think she got the hint.
"I'll be right back," she said as she wisked through the door behind the counter.

She came back a few minutes later. She had a basket full of freshly chopped lettuce. She began to lay the lettuce on top of the sub.

"Lettuce" I said again.

This only encouraged her. She began to lay more and more lettuce on top of my sandwich.

"Lettuce" I slowly moaned.

Her speed increased. The basket soon emptied, which forced her to go back for another. While she was gone, I looked at the mountains of lettuce that my sub lay under. It looked so good. "Lettuce" I began to scream.

"Coming!" she said. She was back, with an even bigger basket.

"LETTUCE!" This made it final - I was getting Lettuce on my sub.

Soon enough, the second basket emptied, and she then began to lay the meat on top of the lettuce. On top of the meat, came the cheese, and finally, she lay the second half of the bread.

Luckily, she just managed to fit it in one of those "The Sub" paper bags. I paid her, and left with my assorted sub. I guess you could say, "My Assorted Sub, with lots of Lettuce".

I'm sorry, The End.