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Maria, the Little Mexican Girl
by Persephone

There once was a little girl. Her name was Maria. Maria was a little Mexican girl. She was very proud of the fact that she was Mexican. She was so proud that she went around screaming, "I'm a little Mexican girl, and I'm proud of it." She was so happy back then, just running around screaming about her heritage. She was definitely a credit to the Mexican society. She boosted the morale of the whole country. Everyone had heard Maria's screaming at one time or another.

She was actually recruited by The Society for the Boosting of the Morale of Mexico. The Society took her away from her parents and forced her to live in trailer. Yet she still kept on screaming her message to all of Mexico. She was still proud, damn it, and she wanted everyone to know it.

They carted her from place to place just putting her by the side of the road to scream her message. She became known as Maria - the little girl who is proud to be Mexican and isn't afraid to show it. People came from miles to hear her screaming. It was a phenomenon. They'd hear of her arrival in their town and would go crazy. People would line up for miles outside her trailer just to catch a glimpse of her, or to hear her scream, "I'm a little Mexican girl, and I'm proud of it."

Then a terrible thing happened, Maria lost her faith. Overnight, it seemed to happen. Just one morning she woke up and instead of screaming, "I'm a little Mexican girl and I'm proud of it," she screamed something far more evil, "I'm a little Mexican girl and I hate sand."

Sand was Mexico's national flower, so the nation was hit hard. After that Mexico couldn't care less about little Maria. All that came out of her mouth was blasphemy against sand. They couldn't take it any longer. They, the Society, then put Maria in her little trailer and sent her off to Africa. They wanted nothing more to do with the blasphemous little girl.

Maria went to Africa and even though she was Mexican, she started to praise Africa for their death masks. She then went around screaming, "I'm a little Mexican girl and I hate sand, but I love African Death Masks." And so the cycle began again.