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Signs That Your Child is On Drugs
A Few Things To Double Check Before you Call the Police

  • Child won't stop bleeding.
  • Child is slumped in a corner with a dirty needle.
  • Child has long hair.
  • Child has a sudden fondness for "peanuts".
  • Child never eats after midnight.
  • Child enjoys the company of friends, wants to "be" with them.
  • Child never operates heavy equipment anymore.
  • Child leaves house.
  • Child talks on the phone to people you don't know.
  • Child won't answer to middle name.
  • You find a shoehorn under child's bed.
  • Child never complains about headaches.
  • The subscriptions to "I Take Drugs" magazine keep getting renewed.
  • Child consults physician if necessary.
  • Child only reads the rental section of the classifieds.
  • pH level of child's urine is not appropriate for his metabolism and body mass.
  • You're not sure whether or not your child is on drugs.
If you checked one or more of the boxes on this (or any other) survey, please alert the authorities NOW.