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Why Black Ninjas Don't Eat Oranges
by Corn Syrup

Campus woke to find he was black. He was pretty sure he was white the day before, but, today, he found himself black. He wasn't racist or anything, he was just shocked. He checked before he went to school to see if his mother and father were still white, which they were. He then proceeded out the door.

He stepped out the door to find himself enslaved in gravy. He hadn't realized that black people go through the gravy routine every morning. He had liked it quite a bit, and looked forward to the other treats black people would receive throughout there day-to-day rountine.

Campus arrived at school, in his new shell. His classmates kinda liked the 'new' Campus. They thought it was planned, but Campus assured them it was quite unexpected. Campus went throughout the day, as he would normally, yet, he was a different colour.

Campus ate dinner the way a black person would. Not that black people eat different than white people, they eat dinner the exact same way, its just that he ate it the way a black person would. Sure, I could say he ate it the way a white person would, which he did, it's just that he's black now, so I thought I'd say he ate dinner the way a black person did. Sheesh.

After that, he went to deliver his paper route. Campus, had a better paper route, not the kind where you have to deliver thousands upon millions, upon billions, upon trillions, ok, maybe not trillions, but you get the picture. Campus had the type of paper route where you only delivered papers. He enjoyed his work, and it became a valuable asset to his future career as a Ninja.

As Campus grew, he remained black. He took on other jobs, to prepare him. He went into lawn mowing, took a job as a Dickee Dee, and then finally, landed a job as a cashier. Here he learnt all the secrets there is to know about Ninjas.

Black as day, Campus went from town to town, doing Ninja-like things. People would call him up, and ask him to do a job. The jobs, of course, would require a true Ninja. Campus, of course, always lived up to this reputation, which all Ninjas still hold today.

One job, however, caught Campus's attention. This job took on only the true experts. This job, was to make orange juice. Campus, who was rather fond the idea, took it to new heights. I would tell you about the types or orange juice, but, soon after, I would be assinated (by you know who). That afternoon, Campus ate an orange, without transforming it into a liquid form first. Campus died in his sleep, fifty years later.