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Some Erotic Computer Puns You Can Use ;)
by Milky

A lot of computer words sound like sex words. Here are some computer words and their (often raunchy) double-meanings, which you can use to have some light-hearted (yet intensely sexual) fun.

JOYSTICK: joy? stick? sounds like a penis to me!
PORT: vagina (or, opposite of starboard)
INTERFACE: that's what she said, if you catch my meaning
HARD DRIVE: erect drive
HARD DISK: disk engorged with blood
HARD COPY: copy that's ready for some lovin'
HARDWARE: heh heh... you know what I'm talkin' about (sex)
MEGAHERTZ: but it mega feels so good
BYTE: oooh... kinky
TAPE BACKUP: oooh... kinky also
STREAMLINED CACHE: this might also be kinky, I'm not 100 percent sure
DOWNLOAD: yeah, something's downloading alright <wink>
UPLOAD: wouldn't mind upping her load if you know what I'm saying!
BUS: form of transit, useful for getting to sex
MOUSE: the sexy rodent
MOUSE PAD: the sexy rodent's sex hut
SCSI: yeah, that's what she said (though I confess I don't know what she meant by it)
ESCAPE KEY: yeah, I wouldn't mind escaping from her key... all night long
UNIVERSAL RESOURCE LOCATOR: yeah, I wouldn't mind locating her universal resources - IN BED!!!
CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT: yeah, I got your unit
BIOS: yeah, I got your basic input output system
DOS: yeah, I wouldn't mind operating her disk
MOTHERBOARD: yeah, I wouldn't mind mothering her board
EMM386.DLL: yeah, I wouldn't mind... uhh.. pass.
PARALLEL PORT: yeah, I wouldn't mind being parallel to her port (i guess)