Fun Depot





Since YIP first came into being, hundreds of people have written me every day begging me to make YIP merchandise available. I resisted because it seemed crass to just slap the YIP logo on some coffee mug, t-shirt or continent; I wanted to hold out for a line of products of which were truly worthy of the YIP name. Here dey is:

Ah, the prestige of having unlimited wealth. It can be yours, with the YIP Wallet, hewn of the finest crimson leather by some guys who are really good at making wallets. Comes with all the good cards and $15 million dollars "mad money". $28,000,000
Animals. Aside from vegetables and minerals, they're all we've got. And an animal that says YIP on it practically pays for itself. Will capture or create animal of your choice. $400
Like it or not, we've all got to live somewhere! And at the end of a long, tiring day, you can smile, knowing you are coming home to a house that says YIP on it. Will build to suit in location of your choice. $213,000