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The Mom

His name was The. His mom called him Mom - it was her little nickname for him. The was sad.
"Come downstairs Mom," The's mom called.
"Yes The," The said. The called his mom The, even though her name was really Mom.
The and Mom called dinner the mom. "Come eat the mom Mom," said Mom.
"Yes The," said The sadly.

The and Mom set the table and sat down to the mom. Mom came home just as they started the mom. Mom was The's dad's name too. Mom was Mom's husband and Mom was Mom's wife. Mom gave Mom a kiss on the cheek and then said, "sorry I'm late for the mom The." Mom always called Mom The, and Mom called Mom The too. So Mom and Mom had to call The Mom, or it would be confusing.

Mom joined The and Mom at the table for the mom. After a few minutes, The pushed his the mom away and looked at Mom sadly said "I can't finish the mom The."
Mom seemed sad and said "Mom, if you don't finish the mom and apologize to The, go right to mom." Mom was also what they called their beds.
The was too sad to eat the mom, so The went to mom.

After the mom, Mom said to Mom, "The, let's go check on Mom."
"Okay The," Mom said, so Mom and Mom went to The's mom.

The sat sadly on his mom and said "the". Mom came over and sat on The's mom. Mom looked at Mom, and then at The, and said "The's sad about the mom Mom."
"I'm sad about The being sad about the mom The," the sad The said sadly.
"And I'm sad you're sad about The being sad about the mom Mom," said Mom, joining The and Mom on The's mom.

Mom and The and Mom all hugged on The's mom and forgot about the mom.
The said "sorry The" to Mom and Mom said "sorry Mom" to The.

Just then, the mom walked in. Mom and The and Mom screamed. The mom couldn't walk! They ate the mom!